Premium golf tournament signs, products and services

Why settle for standard tournament signs and products when you can take it to an entirely new level?  Premium golf tournament signs are designed and manufactured by our sister company, Cool Dog Graphics.  We have more than 25 years of creative design and advertising experience, and the full-color unique signs show it!  We always focus on being unique and try to stay a step ahead of the competition so we can take your tournament to the next level.  If we take care of the marketing, you can focus on the players and sponsors… the most important aspect of any tournament.

Our tee signs have full color backgrounds that are different on every hole, so your players see a new look on every tee box!  We also provide signs with motivational and thought provoking quotes to create more interest and provide additional entertainment during the tournament.  We started providing these special signs over 6 years ago, and they have been one of our hottest items every year.  In additona to our premium golf tournament signs, we also provide full-color banners, logo shirts, caps, towels, pin flags, scorecards, mulligan tickets, photo frames, balls, trophies, prizes, cart stickers and many, many more products.

Full-Service Tournament Option

If your tournament is within a 400 mile radius of the Dallas / Ft Worth Metroplex area, we also provide a full-service option that features an 11 ft Title sign that looks like a permanent monument sign with rock columns!  It’s the only one of it’s kind in existence with metal panels that are custom printed for each event.  We deliver it, set it up and take it down at the end of the event…. you just sit back and enjoy it.  Our full service option also includes full size real estate frames for every tee box instead of wire frames… another option you don’t see anywhere else.  Like the title sign, we provide the set up and take down service.  We also have a 10 x 10 driving / chipping cage with targets that enables you to generate more exposure and revenue for your event.

Whether you are purchasing or renting, CdgLinks has a golf tournament package that will help you create a tournament that players and sponsors want to be involved with.  When player and sponsor retention increases, your workload gets easier each year.  Our focus is simple: create a premium golf tournament experience that every sponsor wants to be involved in, so each year is easier and more productive than the previous.

Some of the golf tournament signs, services and products we provide:

  • Consultation & tournament planning
  • 24/7 Online registration for players and sponsors
  • Premium, full-color banners and stands
  • Unique, full-color hole signs that are some of the best in the industry
  • Professional marketing materials to promote your tournament
  • Sign and frame rentals (within the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex area)
  • Title Signs
  • Custom Scorecards
  • Branded mulligan cards and raffle tickets
  • Silent auction services
  • Golf apparel, towels & merchandise
  • Online tournament branding

Our premium golf tournament signs, products and services will take your new or existing tournament to an entirely new level… one reason our repeat business is over 80% every year! Contact us today if you have questions or if we can assist in any way:   817-447-4450 or email: info@cdglinks.com.



CdgLinks is a subsidiary of Cool Dog Graphics, a full-service sign and promotional products company located in Burleson, Texas. The company provides premium golf signs, products and services to event & tournament planners.

With more than 50 years of combined marketing experience, and over 20 years of golf industry experience, CdgLinks is qualified and ready to assist you with your golf tournament needs.  We can take the event details off your shoulders so you can focus on the sponsors and players…. just send us the information and we do the rest!

CdgLinks can also provide sign rentals and supplies for other types of outdoor events and fund raisers.

The company mission is simple and focused on 3 key areas:

1. Provide a one-stop shop for event planners so they can devote their time to players and sponsors.
2. Create higher quality signage to attract sponsors with a high retention rate.
3. Provide consulting services to elevate existing tournaments to the next level, and help new event planners establish a successful event from the start.

We provide both sales and rental options.

Rentals:  Currently available within a 400 mile radius of the Dallas / Ft Worth area with expansion plans in the near future. The full service rental program includes delivery, set-up and take down for all of the signage. The hole sign are mounted on PVC real estate frames(not wire frames) and the title sign is the only one of it’s kind in the world… an 11 ft x 5 ft portable sign that resembles a permanent monument sign. The title sign is always a main attraction and a great place for team pictures. The company also has a 10 x 10 driving/pitching net with targets available to raise additional funds and create more fun at the tournament.

Purchase:  CdgLinks has a large selection of products ranging from signs and banners to shirts, caps, pin flags, golf towels, photo frames, mulligan cards, tees, balls, scorecards, reffle tickets, trophies and many more branded items… a one-stop shop for a successful event.

Online Reservation for Players and Sponsors:  Our online reservation service is available for any tournament that wants to provide player and sponsor registration 24/7.  Our premium service allows players and sponsors to pay online through our secure payment gateway.  Every sponsorship is listed and payments go directly to your bank account, not ours.  You can also upload event pictures for continued branding throughout the year.  Free tournament listings are also available to provide limited tournament branding and information, but that service does not include the payment gateway or photo upload options.

Whether you are buying or renting your tournament signage, CdgLinks can help you create a tournament experience second to none.  If you have questions or need assistance, please call 817-447-4450, or utilize our contact page and we will follow up with you quickly.

“Thanks, we appreciate the opportunity to serve your tournament needs.”


Everything you need to run a successful event; from signs to pin flags, towels, mulligan cards, raffle tickets, shirts, caps and more.

Click the Golf Ball to link to our promotional products page.  You can view and order our products online from the CdgLinks Showroom.  We also have 1000’s of additional branded products available on the site in addition to the golf items.  Feel free to contact us if you have any questions… we provide free golf tournament consultation.

If you prefer to speak with someone instead of ordering through our ecommerce site, contact us at 817-447-4450, or email info@cdglinks.com.  If you don’t see what you are looking for in the golf showroom or in our larger catalog, let us know… we can probably get it for you!




Rentals and Full-Service options are available within a 400 miles radius of the Dallas / Ft Worth Metroplex area.  Expansion to other areas in the near future.  Contact us to learn more about availability and scheduling for your next event; call 817-447-4450 or send us a message through our Contact page.





Our Title Sign was manufactured specifically for golf tournaments, and it’s the only one of it’s kind in existence.  We custom design the front metal panel  for each tournament, deliver it, set it up and take it down after the event.  The sign makes a huge difference with sponsors and the players enjoy getting their team pictures in front of it.  Great way to brand your tournament and establish repeat sponsors year after year.

Unique, full-color hole signs with different graphics on each hole.  Every sign has a different motivational or funny golf quote.  Our full-service includes setting them up on each tee box and removing them at the end of the tournament.  We have over 300 different designs, so we can bring a new look each year.